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Financiële Onafhankelijkheid

FIRE your LIFE, de enige app die u nodig hebt om financiële vrijheid te bereiken.

Op maat gemaakte reis

Every person is different, so every journey to financial freedom is that too.

You don't have to earn then thousands dollars a month to start your personal quest today.

Do everything you love

Financial Freedom is not the end game, but it will give you the ability to retire early, follow your passion, spend more time with your family and friends, travel...

Time is your most valuable asset

Stop trading your time for money. Let your money do the work for you by increasing your savingsrate and learn to invest you can live of the interests, rent and dividends.

Live your life, Love your life

app.There are multiple forms of wealth including time, relationship and health wealth. Financial independence helps you get more time to optimize for the other forms of wealth. <br /> The traditional journey is when you reach financial independence after you work your whole life and have reached the age of retirement. The problem is that you'll be in declining health and you won't have a lot of time left.

The solution is FIRE

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Reduce spending and invest to win the game.

3. Reach FIRE

When your avatar reaches the pension age, you'll be FIRE.

What do you want to know?

app.Your avatar helps you to think about your goals and learns you to create the correct money mindset. Become financial literate, start to reduce unnecessary spending and grow your assets. Build enough passive income to cover all your expenses and become FIRE to win the game. To win in life.

app.Do not think that you will become FIRE within a few months. It will take a multiple years, but your avatar will support you make it more fun and easier to achieve your endgoal. You can win the game faster by increasing your savingsrate. This can be done by increasing your income (active and passive) or reducing your spending.

app.Because different tax rules can give a huge impact on your return. We try to expend the country list as soon as possible. Suggest your country.

app.The complete game is free to play. PRO users simply will be able to become FIRE (financially independent) faster without daily limitations. By becoming a PRO user you support the creation of fresh high qualilty content.

app.Other members of your family need to create their own account but can be linked to you to achieve common goals. A seperate account is recommended because your avatar (AI assistant) will give each user a different journey based on the interest and knowledge of the player.

Each user can apply for a free PRO trial without requiring a credit card.

Happy Players

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How to achieve FIRE?

Calculate how much money you annually really need to be able to live a comfortable life. Save and invest a 25 multiple of that. That number is your FIRE number. Get a financial buffer of 3 to 6 months income next to your FIRE number to be able to anticipate unexpected expenses. With the interests you can withdraw from your account you can pay all your expenses; this is called the save withdraw rate.