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FIRE - Financial Independence Retire Early

Time is our most valuable resource.
There are multiple forms of wealth including time wealth, relationship wealth and health wealth.
Unlike financial wealth, time wealth is not renewable.
Financial independence helps you get more time to optimize for the other forms of wealth.
The traditional journey is when you reach financial independence after you work your whole life and have reached the age of retirement. The problem is that you'll be in declining health and you won't have a lot of time left.
The solution is FIRE
Don't wait until you are sixty or seventy to start enjoying your life.
First you need to calculate how much money you annually really need to be able to live a comfortable life. The goal is to save and invest a 25 multiple of that number. That number is your FIRE number.
Second you need on top of your FIRE number a financial buffer of 3 to 6 months income to be able to anticipate unexpected expenses. Studies showed that it is very reasonable to get 4% interest each year on your FIRE number without actively working for it if you have a portfolio with various stocks, bonds and real estate.
With the interests you can withdraw from your account you can pay all your expenses; this is called the save withdraw rate.
Save each month to reach your FIRE number. (Savings = Income – Expenses)
With the FIRE your LIFE app you will learn to reduce your spendings and increase your passive income. Passive income is an income you receive without the need to work for it (for example ETF's)
If you can upgrade your income (FAT FIRE) or reduce your unnecessary spendings (LEAN FIRE), you will save more and reach FIRE faster.
FIRE is a way to get rid of your financial stress and live your life to the fullest.
Imagine all the time you will get; do the things you really love.
There are a lot of assets you can invest in but the best asset is yourself.

Teach yourself how to achieve FIRE by playing the game on FIRE YOUR LIFE.

Start your journey

Financial independence

is important to obtain time, health and relationship wealth.

Saving Rate

= Income - spending
This can be used to invest and create more passive income.

Passive income

= Income without working

When FIRE?

25x annual spending + buffer of 3-6 months income.

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