app.Fire up your investments.

app.Fire up your life.

app.Your personal road to financial freedom
app.and early retirement

Hoe werkt het


app.Each player plays alone or with his family as a team.<br />The aim of the game is to achieve financial freedom in your real life as soon as possible.

Start met spelen

app.Each player chooses an avatar to represent themselves while playing. <br /> You always start as a baby and need to grow older by playing the game.

Het spel

app.Each turn you collect experience points (XP) and use those XP to challenge another player to a duel.<br /> If you win the duel against your opponent, your avatar will become older. <br /> The aim of the game is for your avatar to let it reach the age or retirement as soon as possible.

app.The duels will differ based on your avatars age. If your avatar reaches the age of retirement, <br /> you will have enough passive cashflow to cover all your expenses.

Een tip

app.At the start you will need to focus to grow your active income (income from working) and reduce your spendings, while using the money you<br /> have left in the end of the month to start growing your source of passive income (recurring income without working for it).

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